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Chiropractor Near Me

The Best Chiropractor Near You is Just a Phone Call Away

At Pharaoh Health and Rehab, we believe in putting the needs of our patients first. In service of this mission, we offer high-quality mobile chiropractic services to patients all over the area.

We believe in a personalized approach to treatment whether you are unable to travel due to pain or you’re simply more relaxed in the comfort of your own home, we are here to serve you. Our mobile clinic is built for your convenience and care.

We treat a variety of common ailments including:

●    Headaches
●    TMJ Dysfunction
●    Neck Pain
●    Lower Back Pain
●    Sciatica
●    Sports Injuries
●    Extremity Pain
●    And many more

If you are suffering from any of these issues and need the best chiropractor near you, look no further than Pharaoh Health and Rehab. We utilize the latest techniques in chiropractic medicine to help our clients overcome any injuries or obstacles that are preventing them from living their life to the fullest.

One technique often used in treatment is chiropractic adjustment. These adjustments are a quick controlled force upon a restricted joint that can greatly improve spinal or extremity mobility and physical function overall. Each chiropractic adjustment is administered by a trained, experienced practitioner for the utmost safety and efficacy.

No matter your treatment needs, our approach is designed to make you feel like royalty. So, if you’re in need of a passionate mobile chiropractor near you, give us a call today. We are happy to answer any of your questions and schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible.

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