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Cupping Therapy Near Me

Professional Joint Taping and Cupping Therapy Near You

At Pharaoh Health and Rehab, we offer a wide range of services designed to help patients get back on their feet after an injury. Those services include joint taping, cupping, chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, and many more. One of our more frequently requested services is myofascial decompression, also known as cupping therapy.

Cupping refers to a form of soft tissue work where we utilize a negative pressure technology to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, and relaxation. With evidence dating back to Ancient Egyptian Medicine where the technique was called Hijama, cupping has been proven effective in treating a variety of conditions.

We also offer joint taping (sometimes called kinesiology taping, dynamic taping, or athletic taping) to help stabilize joints, decrease swelling, increase muscle awareness, enhance or diminish muscle contraction, or simply relieve stress from an overworked joint and ease pain for athletes and non-athletes alike. Tape is used for rehabilitative exercises to facilitate a faster recovery.

If you are in search of quality joint taping or cupping therapy near you, reach out to us at Pharaoh Health and Rehab. We are a dedicated team with a deep well of knowledge and experience to draw on. We believe in a customized approach to treatment, in order to determine a course of action that makes sense for each patient. Feel free to browse the selection of services on our website or give us a call to request a consultation.

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