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Do you accept insurance?

We currently don't accept insurance. Pharaoh Health and Rehab truly believe in having the patient be in control of their own care. When involved with insurance they will dictate what can or can not be done for a patient. No two patients are alike therefore not every plan will work for them. Hence why we custom make our treatment plans based on what the patient needs not what is covered by insurance.

What conditions can you treat?

We treat most neuromuscular skeletal conditions. Which include but are not limited to; Headaches, TMJ Dysfunction, Neck Pain, Low-Back Pain, Sciatica, Sports Injuries, Extremity Pain, and many more.

How does your service work?

The way we operate is very similar to other chiropractic offices. However, what makes us unique is that we are a mobile service. Which means you don't have to go anywhere we come to you. You book your appointment with our doctors and they arrive at your door ready to provide you the same care if not better all in the comfort of your home.

How long is the treatment?

We block off 45 min for the first visit. The first visit tends to take longer than normal due to the fact our doctors take a detailed history and examination. To make sure they can provide you with the highest level of care. After that, your next visit will be blocked off for 30 min again it depends on what is being worked on. There are times where the doctor uses the full 30 min window and other times where they don't all depends on the complexity of the case.

Is it a different doctor each time for treatment or is it an assistant?

The beauty of our service is that you will always be treated by the same doctor. We truly believe that it is extremely important to build that doctor & patient relationship up. We have all been there where we get accustomed to one doctor and then all of sudden we see a different doctor and have to re-explain to them our condition. That is why we always keep the same doctor tied to your treatment until you are good and ready. As for any assistant, there might be one with the doctor however, your treatment will always be handled by a doctor, not an assistant.

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