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Shockwave Therapy

  The Value of Shockwave Therapy

At Pharaoh Health and Rehab, we believe in pursuing new and exciting technologies for the treatment of physical pain, stiffness, and injury. One such technology is shockwave therapy (sometimes called shock wave or pressure wave therapy). This therapy doesn’t involve any surgery or an electric current entering your body. Rather, we send acoustic pressure waves into injured tissues to kick-start a variety of beneficial effects.

By mobilizing and accelerating tissue layers, we help separate areas of the body that are causing pain through adhesion or friction. We also remodel scar tissue to be more flexible and cooperate with a wider range of motion. Additionally, shockwave therapy should release nitric oxide, while reactivating stem cells and growth factors. Overall, movement and function in the musculoskeletal system can be greatly improved by this therapy.

Studies have shown that shockwave therapy can act as an efficient treatment for a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Those suffering from plantar fasciopathy, lateral epicondylitis, tendinopathies, and post-stroke symptoms have all seen significant improvement in medical studies utilizing acoustic pressure waves.

Shockwave therapy is completed using refined, proven equipment, and has useful applications for injury recovery, sports medicine, and chronic conditions alike. If you’d like to receive this treatment or learn more about it, please reach out to Pharaoh Health and Rehab.

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